Yoga Ishta Style - Barcelona, Spain

Birth Classes


with UK and Spanish midwives

Krishinda Powers Duff and Sonia Waters

with special sessions lead by Raphaella Rose (birth prep yoga)

Viviana Olivera (Doula) and Dr. Hortensia Vallverdu (neonatal first aid)

Our 5-week course encompasses the physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth and new parenthood. We will cover both hospital and homebirth options as well as birthing positions, breastfeeding and basic neonatal first aid. The five-week course will begin the first Friday of October and run weekly from 7 to 9pm.


Spaces are limited so please book early.

For more information or to book your space please contact Krishinda

Dates: Friday Oct 2- Oct 30
Time: 7-9pm
Location: Well Woman Clinic Calle Casp, 80 1o. 1-3a, Barcelona 08010 (corner of Calle Bailen 27). Close to Plaza Tetuan.




Learn & discover positions (with your birth partner) that can be helpful in labour to:

  • Align pelvis naturally with birth canal and widen pelvic outlet.
  • Speed up labour by using gravity to aid baby’s passage down birth canal.
  • Encourage muscles to naturally open the body and make contractions less painful, your body more comfortable.

Practice breathing and relaxation techniques and a bonding meditation. 

Lecture on childbirth hormones and an overview of medical interventions. We workshop your fears and how to lift any doubts surrounding childbirth.

WHEN: August or September TBC



pregnancy course


TESTIMONIALS From Our Last Course:

The pregnancy Yoga for Couples Workshop offers a place to think over pregnancy and birth while practicing emotional and physical issues that are significant to connect yourself and your partner to your baby and the miracle of life. The guide by Raphaella across the program is essential to generate an environment of trust and mutual support. A wonderful time to enjoy and deeply embrace your belly!
(Prenatal Partner Yoga & Birth Workhsop, Jan 2015)
Angel and Maria
Clinical Psychologist Sant Joan de Deu Hospital

It was really meaningful and important yoga session as I'm entering into the last few weeks of my pregancy, allowing my husband to see what I had been working on in the regular pregnancy yoga classes, and for him to know how he'll be able to help me during childbirth. Raphaella led the class with her knowledge and amazing empathy and we came away feeling a little more prepared for what's ahead! 
(Prenatal Partner Yoga & Birth Workhsop, Jan 2015)
Jordi & Lucy Clapés

Pharmacist & Export Manager