Yoga Ishta Style - Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Pole & Yoga Camp June 9-16th 2016

  • A Pole Retreat with Heart ♥
  • Yoga to prepare your muscles for Pole Dancing.
  • Star instructors Marlo Fisken- American Pole Fitness Champion!!
  • Up to 25 hours of training on and off the pole.
  • Welcome dinner, parties and more city excursions. 









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Join us for a soulful journey navigating pole & movement as an art form. POLE DANCING & YOGA ADVENTURE HOLIDAY in BARCELONA...World Class Pole & Yoga Instructors in a fabulous cosmopolitan location. JUNE 9-16

****UPDATE as of JANUARY 2016 **** SAVE YOUR PLACE for £250 today. Pay the rest by May 1st 2016. 
New!!! Bring a friend SPECIAL- if you book with two or more people, you will each receive a £30/€40 discount!
If you have over 5 people in your group, we will apply a larger discount :-)

YouTube Pole Yoga Trailer


Set in the cosmopolitan & beach city of Barcelona. You will train in the city’s most established and newly improved pole school Feeling Woman. Stretch sore muscles with daily yoga classes. Learn to meditate and take some yoga classes outside in park Cuitadella or even on top of a Stand Up paddle board. Take Pole Dance workshops with world class instructors Marlo Fisken & Vee Niz. Add to this: welcome dinners, celebrations, city activities and plenty of beach time and you’ve got yourself an active relaxation holiday!We welcome all levels for pole dance and yoga- with special workshops exclusively for more advanced- pro pole dancers.

ONLY €680/ £510- 7 night package
           €470/ £350- 4 night package

RETREAT PRICES                                                                                                       EUROS (€)      GBP (£)
7 nights (retreat only NO Accommodation) ---- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Thurs 16 June            680            510
4 nights (retreat only NO Accommodation ) ---- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Mon 13  June            470            350


The 3 options we will have for you are all within walking distance of the Pole Studio
Budget: Apartments in City Centre. (Prices on Brochure)
Mid-Range: Single, Twin Share or Studio at Melon Residences, rooftop pool.
High-End: 4* Hotel with rooftop pool at H10 Marina, breakfast included.

Contact Us to Request PDF accommodation brochure


MID- RANGE Residences with Kitchen Facilities and Pool.  

MID- RANGE Residences with Kitchen Facilities and Pool.

7 nights (SINGLE  Accommodation) ---------------- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Thurs 16 June 1360  1030
7 nights (TWIN  Accommodation) ------------------ Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Thurs 16 June 1040 790 
7 nights (TRIPLE Accommodation) ------------------ Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Thurs 16 June 980 750 
7 nights (STUDIO  Accommodation) ---------------- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Thurs 16 June  1070 810 
4 nights (SINGLE  Accommodation ) ----------------- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Mon 13 June  850 605 
4 nights (TWIN Accommodation) --------------------- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Mon 13 June 680 520
4 nights (TRIPLE Accommodation) ------------------- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Mon 13 June  630  480 
 4 nights (STUDIO Accommodation) ------------------ Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Mon 13 June 700  530 

HIGH-END 4**** HOTEL, Pool and Breakfast

7 nights (SINGLE  Accommodation) ---------------- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Thurs 16 June 1880  1425 
7 nights (TWIN  Accommodation) ------------------- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Thurs 16 June  1410 1070 
7 nights (TRIPLE  Accommodation) ----------------- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Thurs 16 June  1200 910 
4 nights (SINGLE  Accommodation) ------------------ Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Mon 13 June 1155  875 
4 nights (TWIN  Accommodation ) -------------------- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Mon 13 June 890  675 
4 nights (TRIPLE Accommodation) ------------------- Arrive Thurs 9 June- Depart Mon 13 June  770 585 


Cancellation Policy


  • Welcome dinner and drinks reception
  • Up to 25 hours training- incl. Pole workshops with American Champion Marlo Fisken
  • Daily Yoga
  • SUP Yoga Class
  • Final Night party
  • City activities

* N.B Less training hours and activities if 4 night package chosen. 


  • Accommodation (we have budget to high-end options we can book for you, keep reading on below)
  • Flights (fly to Barcelona Prat airport)
  • Insurance
  • Meals


Barcelona. Fly to Barcelona El Prat airport NOT Girona or Reus. Easy access to city centre via taxi, bus or train. (Taxi about 35€, bus less than 6€, train 1€). We can arrange private transfer for you. 

Pole Dancing:

Takes place at Feeling Woman studios. You have access to 3 rooms each with 15 poles and you’ll never be more than 2 per pole. All the poles are Spinning X-Poles. Workshops depend on what package you choose, will all include: MARLO FISKEN Read BIO workshops  VEE NIZ- The Art of Seduction,Sexy Tricks, Acro & Props, Sexy Flexy Read BIO 

Preferably Pole Dancers with a minimum of 1 year experience can apply. If you're a complete beginner, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you and can offer you a retreat package too. 



Hatha flow yoga classes and an introduction to basic meditation techniques will be offered for participants to relax, energise, and feel more balance in their daily lives. Certified yoga instructor and retreat creator, Raphaella Rose will help you focus on alignment and breath to gain new insight into your body and how it moves. She has over 10 years experience teaching on retreats, teacher trainings, studios, gyms, parks, conferences in Spain, USA, Ecuador, Croatia, Italy, Morocco, Australia, Dubai, and the UK. She teaches in a friendly and accessible way for students of all ages and levels. Read BIO



Why mix Yoga and Pole:

A note from Raphaella- Yoga helps prepare your body physically for pole by creating more awareness and strength. Additionally it helps create a flexibility and openness in the mind. For many when they think of achieving some of the postures or shapes they see in yoga or pole instant blocks or obstacles form in the mind. They may have critical self talk.. ‘I’m not flexible or strong enough’. Along with the pole instructors during this retreat, we will feed you confidence and build your self- worth. Get you away from this self-criticism. We show you how to feel more comfortable with your body by mixing these two disciplines.

You see many yoga poses you practice on the mat mirrored on the pole- so you’ll be adding to the muscle memory bank to perform better on the pole. A good example of this is when Marlo made the Bird of Paradise yoga move famous on the pole. Watch Marlo VIDEO.
It’s an obvious fusion. Come and try it with us.. 

The City:

We’ll head out together on your first night for a three course meal with a drinks reception (included in package). Barcelona is home to Guadis’ famous architecture and has many fine cultural installations to explore. Raphaella the retreat host and yoga teacher is an Australian who has lived here for over 6 years. Her local knowledge of the language and many recommendations on dining and attractions will help you out for your stay. There will be time to relax and enjoy the beach, to sip on a mojito on the sand as the sun sets over the mountains casting gorgeous pink lights over the city buildings. 

There’s free time for to explore on your own. Though our retreat philosophy is to come together and become a family for the week. So we encourage through our workshops and retreat week deep exchanges, inspired learnings and self-growth.

The Food: 

Some meals will be included in the package
*Please let us know when booking of any dietary requirements so we can cater for your needs. 


We have on hand some of the best massage therapists in the city. Sessions available for extra cost. Swedish, sports massage, deep tissue and muscle activation sessions available..

What To Bring:

- Comfortable and practical clothes for yoga & pole

- Swimwear for beach and SUP Yoga Class (paddle board is included) 

- Sunscreen & Hat



For any other questions you may have email us


  • What date and time do I book my flights? 
    For the 7 night package, you need to arrive to arrive on Thursday 9th June, 2016 and be ready to start the first workshop at about 4pm. Departures should be booked for the following Thursday 16th June after you check out of your accommodation. Even though we have no scheduled activities on the 16th June, we suggest a later flight so you can sleep off the final night party from the night before and make the most out of your holiday in Barcelona.
    For the 4 night package, you need to arrive to arrive on Thursday 9th June, 2016 and be ready to start the first workshop at 4pm. Departures should be booked for the following Monday 13th June after you check out of your accommodation. You have no scheduled activities on the 13th June so you are free to book your return flight at any time. 
  • What if I have never tried yoga before! That's perfect! All the classes will take into account the level of each individual and adapt the classes and poses to suit everyone. Whether you are a first timer or a more advanced yoga practitioner you are welcome.
  • What if I have never tried Pole Dancing before - I am a beginner. Is it okay to join? Yes, you can join in on either the 7 day or 4 day package. The expert teachers will help modify the poses to suit your level.
  • I want to come alone. Can I stay with other people in a share apartment? Yes. When signing up you can make a few choices for your accommodation. We will do the best to partner you with someone looking to stay in the same apartment. We appreciate your flexibility if your first choice is not available.
  • We are a group of friends joining the retreat. Can we have our own apartment? Yes. As above. You will get the opportunity to mark down your preferences of where you want to stay and if choosing an apartment, how many people and who you want to share with. We will do our best to place you with your chosen friends.
  • Is the studio far from the centre? No. The studio is easy walking distance from all main points of interest in the city. Distance from Plaza Catalunya/ Las Ramblas - 25 mins. 10-15 minutes walk to Park Cuitadella and El Borne district and 15 minutes walk to the closest beach at Vila Olimpica. This location will allow you to find ample time to sightsee and relax on the beach.
  • How do I book? It's easy! Go to the booking form at: BOOKING FORM PAGE and fill in your details. Make sure to add your accommodation preferences and package you wish to join. Then you must make a payment to hold your place. All details of how to make payments are on the booking page.                                                        

    Testimonials from our POLE CAMPS.
  • I found this yoga and pole dance retreat very nice. The teachers were so good and I will a lot of inspiration and motivation with me home. Thank you.
    Sophie, Switzerland (2013)


  • It was my first yoga and pole camp and for sure not the last one. Amazing people, great experience. But very hot. See you next year
    Christin, Germany (2013)


  • The Barcelona Pole & Yoga Retreat was a perfect balance of a mind and body.  Pole classes had top-notch instruction that inspired everybody to push themselves to new limits.  The teachers knew how to motivate even the most tired students to try something new.  They differentiated their classes for all levels in an exceptional way while maintaining a safe environment.  Before and after pole classes, Raphaella rescued our sore muscles and stressed minds with her nurturing approach yoga. A much needed stretch and meditation! Additionally, activities to see Barcelona were mixed into the schedule and provided downtime (and Sangria).  Teachers always made themselves available and were approachable throughout the retreat.  It went beyond my expectations. I will forever be appreciative for my time spent at the retreat.
    Denise Pole Instructor for Pole Fit Belgrade, Serbia, and School Psychologist (2012)


  • Raphaella thank you so much for your yoga classes during the Barcelona pole retreat. They were so restorative I don't know how I would have survived such an intense week of training without them. Everyday I would wake up for the yoga classes. I would stumble into class feeling as if I could barely move and somehow by the end of the class due to your awesome partner stretches and breathing exercises, among other things, I would feel renewed and ready for another day of training. If it wasn't for yoga during the week, I think my body would have just broken into a million pieces. Also one the best moments was yoga in the park. So relaxing! Once again thank you so much, cant wait for next year!"
    Miriam Merson, Student  Israel  (2012)

  • I participated in the Pole dance and Yoga retreat in Barcelona this summer ( 2012). It was the perfect combination  of  a cool and a relaxing workout for your body and soul together with hard working muscle classes. Since pole dance requires a lot of flexibility it was great to prepare the body for that with a yoga session before the pole class. Some sessions were held out in the park which was lovely Camilla Sweden The retreat was awesome! Great yoga with a great teacher! Shimmy was perfect as guest-trainer and the Pole Teachers were easygoing and fun! The activities were very good, the boat trip in particular. And extra plus for the hostel to be so close to the studio!
    Emma  Post man (woman), Sweden (2012)                                                                                               TOP


Each year we continue to grow our Yoga & Pole camp community to encompass talented and passionate individuals from around the globe. Our supporters and sponsors are part of this community and help give us the chance to give more back to the participants of the camp. From prizes, discounts, products and more, we'd like to say a big thank-you to those you believe in us!

Our 2016 Supporters are:

Wink Dancewear

'Wink' prides itself in offering Dancewear and Costumes for Pole Dancing, Aerial Arts, Yoga and Fitness. The brand offers glamour, and unique design that will appeal to every dancer. ‘Wink’ designs and manufactures their clothing in the UK using the best quality fabrics and has dressed some of the best international dance and fitness stars! All garments are designed to work well for its chosen dance style, so not only looks great but stays in place and provides support where needed. 'Wink' also offers custom dancewear or if you would like to sell your own dancewear as a trade customer.



CONTACT US for future Sponsorship Opportunities



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    Retreat package chosen (7 or 4 night)
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