Yoga Ishta Style - Barcelona, Spain

*** YOGA & POLE DANCING Retreat *** Fun- filled │ Pole Dance │Stretch│Enrich your Soul

  • Pole Workshops for all levels with teachers from LA
  • Varied Yoga to prepare and restore your muscles for Pole Dancing
  • City activities in Barcelona incl. Stand Up Paddle lesson & Catamaran Jazz Cruise
  • Welcome parties, group dinners, paella cooking class and much much more....



****UPDATE as of JULY 4th, 2013 **** The Four Week Countdown Begins..

Join us to have the time of your life on a 7 day, 4 day or 3 day fun- filled active city adventure in Barcelona this summer. Yoga Ishta Style presents this unique opportunity to come away with your friends, make new friends and learn the art of pole dancing. Ever wanted to try Pole Dancing but never got around to it? Have you begun lessons but are still a beginner and ready to learn more? Already an intermediate or advanced pole practitioner and want to refine the art of choreography and add more to your bag of tricks? Love the idea of a summer getaway with new or existing friends? This could be the perfect escape for you. Combine daily yoga classes with varied pole dance workshops (more info below) to feel alive and connected to your body & soul. Explore the wonderful city of Barcelona or enjoy some well deserve rest at the beach in your down time.



Download PDF form and return to email address written on form.

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  • Your accommodation preferences
  • Who you want to share accommodation with
  • Retreat package chosen
  • What pole school you train at




2013 Retreat SOLD OUT- TO Sign up for 2014 Retreat page will be updated soon


Cancellation Policy

7 night packages:
We recommend arriving Thursday August 1st in the morning. First session will start at about 1.30pm. Departures anytime on August 8th- no scheduled activties on that day. Final night party is on evening 7th August.
night packages: We recommend arriving Thursday August 1st in the morning. First session will start at about 1.30pm. Departures anytime on August 5th- no scheduled activties on that day. 
night packages: We recommend arriving Monday August 5th in the morning. First session will start at about 1.30pm. Departures anytime on August 8th- no scheduled activties on that day. Final night party is on evening 7th August.

 What's INCLUDED: *varies slightly for packages less than 7 days

  • 2 x Pole Classes each day with Crystal or Vee Niz
  • 1 x  Yoga Class daily with Raphaella Rose
  • 1 x Flamenco dance class
  • 1 x Jazz Catarman cruise
  • 1 x Stand up Paddle Board class 
  • 1 x City Tour (option to join a Barcelona city walking tour)
  • 1 x Welcome drinks on roof terrace
  • 1 x Dinner on first night at Picnic. A full 3-course meal with drinks and dessert included.
  • 1 x Cooking challenge class with paella menu included 
  • 1 x Final night dinner with group.
  • 1 x Final night complimentary cocktail and Beach Lounge Club entrance

airfares not included
* insurance not included

CITY ACTIVITY and GROUP DINNER PRICES For non-retreaters that want to join their partner or friend that is taking part.

(not included: accommodation, yoga, pole classes)

3 day: 65€ - one city activity, final evening party and dinner including drinks, club entry with one cocktail
4 day: 110€ - two city activities, welcome drinks, 3 course meal with wine (day 1), final night paella menu and cooking experience.
7 day: 180€- all city activities, welcome drinks and 3 course meal with wine (day 1), mid- week paella menu cooking experience, final evening showcase party & dinner including drinks, club entry with one cocktail 


This retreat allows everyone from new to experienced Pole Dancers and Yogis to join us! Don’t miss out. This is your chance to have a truly memorable active holiday. This perfectly balanced program will leave you feeling revived and replenished in your body and soul.




There are two fabulous Pole Dancing Teachers joining this retreat who cannot wait to share with you their passion of Pole Dancing and teach you in a creative and expressive way to help you learn more about yourself, your body and the way it can move.

Meet Crystal Gibson
founder of Poles on Tour and regular performer and Principal Cast Member in Girl Next Door – a pole dance soirée and Pole Dance teacher in L.A at Choreography House

"My name is Crystal Gibson I am the owner/founder of Poles on Tour and I love having fun. I am mommy and a girlfriend and we live in Los Angeles, California. In Los Angeles I am a Pole Dance Instructor at The Legendary Pole Studio “The Choreography House” (owned by IPC “Choreographer of the Year 2012”, Kelly Yvonne). I love teaching pole, it really lightens up my day & I feel right at home teaching especially since that’s what being a mom is all about! I am also a performer in Los Angeles very own “Girl Next Door Show – A Pole Dace Soiree” which is sooo much fun! It’s a monthly production that requires a lot of dedication but the show is very rewarding! I love being part of this amazing group of women and I am IN LOVE with creating pieces! My pieces all start with a song that moves my soul and from there I build my piece! "


Crystal Gibson Crystal Gibson Crystal Gibson Crystal Gibson Crystal Gibson

Pole Resume:

• Principle Dancer in Kelly Yvonne's - "Girl Next Door Show" Los Angeles

• Advance Pole Instructor at The Choreography House in North Hollywood, CA

• Runner-Up to Theatrical Pole Show “Girl Next Door Show” Best Comedic Perfomance of the Year, 2012

• Pole Instructor in the United Kingdom on tour for Summer 2012

• Pole Performer for Area 51

• Student at S Factor Los Angeles for 3 Years

• Greystone Manor Supperclub Performer


Meet Vee Niz

Vee Niz insists that pole is the most amazing workout because its effects are experienced mind, body, and soul. She will be teaching "THE ART OF SEDUCTION" workshops during the retreat.  This class focuses on the art of sensuality with movement on and around pole. They include a sexy warm-up and erotic across-the-floor exercises. All levels will learn something new in this class 


Vee Niz says that this ART form gives women permission to "be" and that is why she loves teaching and believes that "every" woman is powerful and amazing, they just need to experience the pole to truly BELIEVE it and unleash their inner GODDESS! Vee Niz has also utilized her Pole Dancing skills and experience as a principle dancer in multiple shows and venues including 'Catalyst' and 'Once upon a Pole', two of Kelly Maglias productions. 

After graduating from Palmdale High School in 1996, Vee Niz was emancipated from foster care and rapidly found herself in a state of destitution. Quickly responding to her circumstances, she discovered an opportunity with the US Air Force that developed into an eight year commitment to her country as a combat photographer. Those eight years were incredibly fruitful. Vee Niz accomplished what most people would not be able to do with twice the time. The main bulk of her energy was directed towards bettering the lives of transitional foster care youth. As a motivational speaker requested by a multitude of organizations, such as the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, Child Welfare League of America and America Works a nonprofit organization, Vee Niz has raised over half a million dollars specifically for youth who were not too dissimilar from what she once was. She has spoken with numerous political figures; large corporations, and celebrities on the issue she feels is especially underrepresented in today’s society and continues to fight for the welfare of foster care youth. A current project includes re-branding the image of foster care through media awareness with Grammy award winner Kashif and New York Times Bestselling author Antwone Fisher. 


Within the same time period Vee Niz was furthering her passion and cause in a different way. Carrying with her the platform “The successful transition of foster youth” at age 21, she began competing in and winning high profile beauty pageants. Her titles include Miss High Desert 2000, Miss Central California 2001, Miss Los Angeles County 2002, Miss Black California 2003, and Miss Black United States 2004. Vee Niz has also won the Miss America Interview and Community Service Award, was chosen as one of Glamour magazine’s “Top Ten College Women in America”, and was a feature dancer on one of television’s longest running shows, “Soul Train.”

Her main speciality is to teach women how to connect with their breath which connects you to your true self through a guided slow moving meditation in a safe environment. Using everything from Blindfolds to Mirrors, Vee Niz will take women on a exploration journey of themselves thru erotic journey of self discovery. Pole will be added into the movement at the right time, this workshop would gradually grow during the retreat, similar to a curriculum. All women start at the same level, level one. A journey done individually but also in a group setting. Vee Niz is also a skilled Pole Instructor teaches Beginner and Advanced students at Choreogrpahy House in LA.
Vee Niz Crystal Gibson      

During a performance                                        Most awards won @ 'Girl Next Door Awards' 2012.


Youtube: June 2012, Dedication to Breast Cancer "Woman's Work"
Youtube:Endangered Species
Youtube: “Masters of the Universe“



During the retreat we have the luxury of practicing Yoga & Pole each day at Feeling Woman. This studio is just steps from Bogatell metro station and has two studios. One where the workshops and classes will take place, the other studio will be available for private tuition with our teachers and for individual or small group hire to practice your moves and prepare for the final night showcase performance. There is a large change room and lounge area as well as a massive terrace where you can relax in between classes. All the poles are Spinning X-Poles and the studios have the following layout:
  • Large Studio: 11 poles, 2 x 50mm, 8 x 45mm, 1 x 40mm. Ceiling is 4 metres high.
  • Small studio: 7 pole, 2 x 50mm, 5 x 45mm. Ceiling is 4 metres high.


Feeling Woman
Calle Pere IV 29-35,Atico 4a, Barcelona 
Metro: Bogatell, L4 (Yellow Line) 

Map feeling woman

 urban yogapark yoga with raphaella    


Daily yoga classes and an introduction to basic meditation techniques will be offered for participants to relax, energise, and to help guests bring more balance into their daily lives. Classes are open to all levels, beginners to advanced, and can range from gentle slower classes, and more energetic hatha styles that include movement with breath. Style and class levels will be determined and individualised to fit participating students' needs and the dynamic of the group. Students will be able to get personalised attention and be able to ask the teacher questions. Classes will be held in the Pole studio and in the park for some outdoor classes. Some partner stretch classes will be included during the week.

Certified yoga instructor and retreat creator, Raphaella Rose and will help individuals focus on alignment and breath to gain new insight into their bodies and movements. In 2005 she received her teacher certification in her hometown Byron Bay, Australia. Since then she has taught in studios, gyms, parks, conferences and in retreats in USA, Ecuador, Australia, UK and Spain. She teaches in a friendly and accessible way for students of all ages and levels. 

An Australian with a passion for travel, Raphaella has now lived in Barcelona for 4 years.  Along with sharing her love of she will also bring her knowledge of the local area and language to help you out during the retreat. 
Want to practice yoga now? Join Raphaella for 7 Top Daily Poses for All. A basic daily routine you can do anywhere, anytime. CLICK here to Watch video, or on image below.
YouTube Video 7 daily yoga poses for all



This wonderful yoga retreat will be based in Barcelona, a buzzing cosmopolitan city set on the Mediterranean that is home to Gaudi's famous architecture- including the famous Sagrada Famila. Filled with great shops, tapas bars and beaches, Barcelona is a great place to spend some time under the Spanish sun.

The accommodation we can offer you part of the package is located a few minutes walk from the studio.

Residencia MelonDistrict, Marina is a 5 minute or 400 metre walk from Feeling Woman the Pole Studio. All room options provide a share kitchen, apart from the studios which have a kitchen inside the room. Facilities include WIFI in common areas, a rooftop pool with city views, 24hr reception and an on-site cafe.


Single, Twin Share rooms or  Studios are available with self-contained kitchen.

Contact us for enquiries.



The first and final night dinner will be included in the package. Vegetarian options always available. Apart from that you are free to sample some of the many fine culinary offerings of the city. Or you may want to choose to cook for yourself. All of the accommodations selected for you provide cooking options.

One evening you will have a first-hand experience of the culture by participating in a Spanish cooking class. Enjoy your freshly prepared Paella with some Sangria and your new Pole Dancing and Yoga friends.

    Crystal Gibson Pole Dancing Retreat

Come and join this unforgettable Barcelona Retreat that will send you home with a renewed look on life, a tan and smile on your face. Pole Dancing is a sport and artform that requires strength, stamina and style.  Yoga will compliment Pole Dancing perfectly and allow you to unwind and restore before your next Pole class. 


Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) in a group sunset class one evening, join a magical catamaran jazz cruise and much more... Stomp in time to some spanish rhythms when you join a flamenco class and learn more about this traditional dance. Enjoy the final night dinner and showcase at a beautiful and classy beach-side location where you will be able to show off your newly learned moves in a final night showcase performance. 
You can choose from a 7 or 4 or 3 night stay- (Four day package for beginners only). Please note, not all group activites are included on every package.


On one of the nights you will enjoy your very own special cooking class and with your new Yoga & Pole friends when you take part in a Paella Challenge. We will all be winners in the end as we sit down to enjoy our meal with some music, sangria and fine company. 



What if I have never tried yoga before!
That's perfect! All the classes will take into account the level of each individual and adapt the classes and poses to suit everyone. Whether you are a first timer or a more advanced yoga practitioner you are welcome.

What if I have never tried Pole Dancing before- I am a beginner. Is it okay to join?
Yes, you can join the 4 day retreat option. This program is designed specifically for you.

I want to come alone. Can I stay with other people in a share apartment?
Yes. When signing up you can make a few choices for your accommodation. We will do the best to partner you with someone looking to stay in the same apartment. We appreciate your flexibility if your first choice is not available.

We are a group of friends joining the retreat. Can we have our own apartment?
Yes. As above. You will get the opportunity to mark down your preferences of where you want to stay and if choosing an apartment, how many people and who you want to share with. We will do our best to place you with your chosen friends.

Is the studio far from the centre?
No. The studio is easy walking distance from all main points of interest in the city. Distance from Plaza Catalunya/ Las Ramblas- 25 mins. 10-15 minutes walk to Park Cuitadella and El Borne district and 15 minutes walk to the closest beach at Vila Olimpica. This location will allow you to find ample time to sightsee and relax on the beach.

How do I book?

It's easy! Go to the booking form at: and fill in you details. Make sure to add your accommodation preferences and package you wish to join. Then you must make a payment to hold your place. All details of how to make payments are on the booking page.

How much must I have to pay to hold my place?
If joining the 3 or 4 day the "Retreat only" price of €320 / £260 (4 day) or €280/ £225 (3 day) is due in full to hold your space. If joining the 7 day retreat a deposit of €305/ £250 must be paid at time of booking to hold your space.

When must full payment be made?
For all bookings made after March 1st the full amount for retreat and accommodation price is due at time of booking. If you have previously made a deposit to hold your place, the remainder amount is also due on March 1st.
How do I make payment?
Preferably all payments are to be made into a Spanish based Euro Account. PayPal options are also available, however these incur a processing fee. To transfer your deposit or payment in full make payment to:
Raphaella Rose
La Caixa Bank- Calle Independencia, Barcelona
For International transfers: (Paying in EUROS)
IBAN # ES70 2100 0957 7202 0017 0683

For UK  transfers, make transfers in Pounds (£) to:
Miss R A Rose
HSBC Bank- Regents Street Branch
Sort Code:40-06-02
Account number: 02738775

How do I know that my place is held? 
Once your payment has been received you will receive a confirmation email. Then closer to the date, about 8-10 weeks before the retreat you will receive your activity pack and timetables so you can plan your visit.




TESTIMONIALS from 2012 Barcelona Retreat...

The Barcelona Pole & Yoga Retreat was a perfect balance of a mind and body.  Pole classes had top-notch instruction that inspired everybody to push themselves to new limits.  The teachers knew how to motivate even the most tired students to try something new.  They differentiated their classes for all levels in an exceptional way while maintaining a safe environment.  Before and after pole classes, Raphaella rescued our sore muscles and stressed minds with her nurturing approach yoga. A much needed stretch and meditation! Additionally, activities to see Barcelona were mixed into the schedule and provided downtime (and Sangria).  Teachers always made themselves available and were approachable throughout the retreat.  It went beyond my expectations. I will forever be appreciative for my time spent at the retreat. 
Pole Instructor for Pole Fit Belgrade, Serbia, and School Psychologist


"Raphaella thank you so much for your yoga classes during the Barcelona pole retreat. They were so restorative I don't know how I would have survived such an intense week of training without them. Everyday I would wake up for the yoga classes. I would stumble into class feeling as if I could barely move and somehow by the end of the class due to your awesome partner stretches and breathing exercises, among other things, I would feel renewed and ready for another day of training. If it wasn't for yoga during the week, I think my body would have just broken into a million pieces. Also one the best moments was yoga in the park. So relaxing! Once again thank you so much, cant wait for next year!"
Miriam Merson, Student 


I participated in the Pole dance and Yoga retreat in Barcelona this summer ( 2012). It was the perfect combination  of  a cool and a relaxing workout for your body and soul together with hard working muscle classes. Since pole dance requires a lot of flexibility it was great to prepare the body for that with a yoga session before the pole class. Some sessions were held out in the park which was lovely

The retreat was awesome! Great yoga with a great teacher! Shimmy was perfect as guest-trainer and the Pole Teachers were easygoing and fun! The activities were very good, the boat trip in particular. And extra plus for the hostel to be so close to the studio!   
Post man (woman),Sweden  

Yoga and Pole Flyer