Yoga Ishta Style - Barcelona, Spain

*** ZUMBA® & YOGA Retreat *** Chill-out │Sweat │Eat-out │Play Up!

Yoga and Zumba week long retreat, in Barcelona, Spain Summer 2012
  • Fun, high-energy Zumba® classes with superstar instructors
  • Varied yoga classes to prepare your muscles for Zumba®
  • City activities in Barcelona include a Stand Up Paddle lesson and a Paella Cooking Class
  • Spanish Flamenco taster class - learn about this traditional dance
  • Welcome parties, group dinners and much much more...


Picture this. Waking up and starting each day with a yoga class in a studio looking over the beach in Barcelona. Then after a short break move straight into a fun high energy Zumba® workout, before diving into the Mediterranean sea. The rest of the day is free for you to chill-out on the beaches, explore the wonderful sights of Barcelona, and indulge in the many culinary delights the city has to offer. 


We’re not going to leave you completely to your own devices. Some of the other exciting activities we have selected and included in the package are: Welcome Drinks of a roof terrace, Sunset Jazz Cruise, Stand Up Paddle Board lesson, Yoga in the Park, City Tours....and more.



Since you’re in Spain to dance we want to give you some insight into the fascinating history of Flamenco, one evening you’ll get a taster class by an experienced dance teacher. Following this you will have a first-hand experience of the culture by participating in a Spanish cooking class. Enjoy your freshly prepared Paella with some Sangria and your new Zumba® & Yoga friends.


Come and join the biggest fitness craze ever! Zumba® is taking the world by storm and is a fast paced, high energy workout set to fun latino rhythms. Yoga will compliment Zumba® perfectly and allow you to unwind and restore before your next Zumba® class.  You will be lead by Barcelona’s finest dance and yoga teachers.

For all levels, this retreat allows everyone from new to experienced Zumba® Dancers and Yogis to join us! Don’t miss out. This is your chance to have a truly memorable active holiday. Combine the relaxed vibe of yoga with the cardio-racing workout of Zumba® each day to feel exhilarated and fulfilled in your body and soul.

To end the retreat on a high, you will be part of a surprise event where you participate in a journey through rhythm with a renowned facilitator. Feel this rhythm and beat pulsing through you as you head off to a final night dinner at a beautiful beach-side location.
You can choose from a 7 or 4 night stay. Arrivals are on Sunday for both groups. 



double room barcelona Barcelona apartment bedroom 

This wonderful yoga retreat will be based in Barcelona, a wonderful cosmopolitan city set on the Mediterranean and home to Gaudi's famous architecture- including the famous Sagrada Famila. Filled with great shops, tapas bars and beaches, Barcelona is a great place to spend some time under the Spanish sun.

Here are some different accommodation suggestions. All the bookings for accommodation must be done by you. Try to stay in or near to Barceloneta Beach.

1. Airbnb- Live with a local. Rent a room in their home or rent an entire apartment.

2. Trip Advisor- Choose from a selection of hotels and guest houses. Read reviews first.

3. Hostel World- A good budget option of staying in hostels or B&B's



food on yoga retreatpicnic resturant

The welcome dinner will be included in the package as well as the Paella Cooking class menu. Vegetarian options always available. Apart from that you are free to sample some of the many fine culinary offerings of the city. Or you may want to choose to cook for yourself at your apartment.



paella cook off

During your stay you will take part in a very special cooking class and with your new Zumba® and Yoga friends. Take part in a Paella Challenge where the chef chooses who cooked the best paella. We will all be winners in the end as we sit down to enjoy our meal with some music, sangria and fine company.





JDA (Juliya dance academy) has 14 years experience teaching dance and 24 years in the dance world altogether. Based in Barcelona, their principle teachers Juliya and Neil will be teaching the Zumba® classes and a special taster Flamenco class on this retreat. Special guest Segundo

The message behind Zumba® is incredibly simple: get fit, have fun. That’s it. There are no complicated moves to learn and you don’t need the co-ordination of a standard aerobics class – or the partner you’d require for a traditional salsa class. Best of all, the music is so infectious that you barely even notice you’re exercising. ''It’s like being at a party,’’ says JDA owner and lead instructor Juliya, ''It is easy to follow so people don’t have to think too much about what they’re doing and can just get into it. And the music makes you want to dance’’.


A standard one-hour class uses four basic rhythms based on simplified versions of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton (mixed up with a bit of Mambo, Flamenco, Rumba and Calypso). 

When you join Neil during the Zumba® classes and Juliya for the flamenco class, you will be taken to a new energetic level. As they share their passion with you, you will be liberated to dance. You will move your body in rhythm to the beat of the music. You will learn to dance in a way that expresses your feelings and frees you to find happiness, joy and delight.


zumba fitness logo


For more information about the Zumba® go to:

For more information about JDA go to:  

Watch Zumba FlashMob take over Las Arenas

 Watch Neil- the main Zumba Teacher on retreat teaching a class



urban yogapark yoga with raphaella  


Daily yoga classes and an introduction to basic meditation techniques will be offered for participants to in a way to relax, energise, and to help guests bring more balance into their daily lives. Classes are open to all levels, beginners to advanced, and can range from gentle slower classes, and more energetic hatha styles that include movement with breath. Style and class levels will be determined and individualised to fit participating students' needs and the dynamic of the group. Students will be able to get personalised attention and be able to ask the the teacher questions. Classes will be held in a studio overlooking the sea and in the park for some outdoor classes. Some partner stretch classes will be included during the week.

Certified yoga instructor and retreat creator, Raphaella Rose and will help individuals focus on alignment and breath to gain new insight into their bodies and movements. In 2005 she received her teacher certification in her hometown Byron Bay, Australia. Since then she has taught in studios, gyms, parks, parties and in retreats in USA, Ecuador, Australia, UK and Spain. She teaches in a friendly and accessible way for students of all ages and levels. 

An Australian with a passion for travel, Raphaella has now lived in Barcelona for 4 years. Along with sharing her love of she will also bring her knowledge of the local area and language to help you out during the retreat. Raphaella first tried Zumba® classes with Neil and Juliya 2 years ago- she fell in love with their fun, energetic style and is thrilled to have them as collaborators on this retreat.

Want to practice yoga now? Join Raphaella for 7 Top Daily Poses for All. A basic daily routine you can do anywhere, anytime.




Feel the infectious latino musical rhythms enter your body as you dance in Zumba® classes. Move freely to your own rhythm as you breathe in new energy during yoga classes. Relax and take things down a gear as you join the Spanish rhythm of life with siestas in the afternoon and long days marked by non-stop sunshine. Finally join a rhythm extravaganza for your final evening surprise...




RETREAT Only Price:  includes ALL classes, city activities, parties, some dinners and drinks.

€560 (7 days/ 7 nights) * Sunday 14th July- Sunday 21st July
€320 (4 days/ 4 nights) * Wednesday 17th July- Sunday 21st July

Limited time only, earlybird price! (Enquire now)
(7 days/ 7 nights) OVER €150 DISCOUNT, PAY ONLY: €390 for entire package.

Cancellation Policy

 What's INCLUDED: *varies slightly for packages less than 7 days

  • 7 x Zumba Classes with Neil McHugh
  • 7 x  Yoga Classes with Raphaella Rose
  • 1 x Flamenco Class with a brief talk on the history of this fascinating dance with Juliya Harchakova
  • 1 x Jazz Catamaran cruise
  • 1 x Stand up Paddle Board class 
  • 1 x City Tour (option to join a Barcelona walking tour)
  • 1 x Welcome drinks on roof terrace
  • 1 x Dinner on first night at Picnic. A full 3-course meal with drinks and dessert included.
  • 1 x cooking challenge class with paella menu included
  • 1 x Final night complimentary cocktail and Beach Lounge Club entry
  • 1 x Final night rhythm party surprise

*airfares not included
** insurance not included


Most of the daily Yoga & Zumba Classes will take place in the Barceloneta Civic Centre.
Address: Carrer de la Conreria, 1-9  08003 La Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain
Tel: 932 21 32 41

During the retreat, some classes will take place in Cuitadella Park.
Where: Passeig de Picasso Entrance at the Outdoor yoga ‘studio’. Meeting point is on the grass area next to the lake. Opposite side to the cafe that’s beside the lake.



Do I need to know how to dance to ZUMBA®?

Absolutely not!  ZUMBA® is designed for everyone, every shape, every age.  Anyone can start a ZUMBA® class and have fun!  ZUMBA® is not limited to dancers, fitness fanatics or seniors.  All exercisers from beginner to advance will enjoy the benefits of a ZUMBA® class.

What if I have never tried yoga before!

That's perfect! All the classes will take into account the level of each individual and adapt the classes and poses to suit everyone. Whether you are a first timer or a more advanced yoga practitioner you are welcome.

What language are the classes?

All classes will be taught in English..Dance is a Universal language, just watch the moves, repeat and after a few lessons you can start to improve technique when you knows the moves. The moves are easy and are made that way so that you can enjoy dancing rather than trying to remember complicated routines. 

What do I need to bring?
For the ZUMBA®, the only equipment you will need is your sneakers, a towel and water because you will sweat!  Unlike other exercise classes, ZUMBA® is a party!  Loud music, dancing and having fun while working out is what a ZUMBA® class is all about! 
Bring your own yoga mat. Some will be available and provided at the studio, but it is better to use your own if you have one.

What if I don’t know the steps to a dance?
If you don’t know the steps to a dance, fake it!  It’s all about having fun! (And a little work-out as well.)

How long do ZUMBA® classes last?
Classes will be 1 hour.  During that time, you can burn up to 500 calories or more, so be prepared to have some fun and to sweat!

Is there anything else I need to know about Zumba®?

Zumba® is an individual activity but requires lots of people to make it fun. If you have a partner or friend it’s a great way to have some fun together, but also once you have tried Zumba® you will see the friendliness and warmth of the other students who are also their to have a fun time so it is also a social event, a way of meeting new and like minded people. Zumba® is the new night club feel with another kind of adrenalin rush.

I want to come alone. Can I stay with other people in a share apartment?
Yes. When signing up you can make a few choices for your accommodation. We will do the best to partner you with someone looking to stay in the same apartment. We appreciate your flexibility if your first choice is not available.

We are a group of friends joining the retreat. Can we have our own apartment?
Yes. As above. You will get the opportunity to mark down your preferences of where you want to stay and if choosing an apartment, how many people and who you want to share with. We will do our best to place you with your chosen friends.



TESTIMONIALS from 2012 Barcelona Adventure Retreat...
(Yoga and Pole Dance retreat)

The Barcelona Pole & Yoga Retreat was a perfect balance of a mind and body.  Pole classes had top-notch instruction that inspired everybody to push themselves to new limits.  The teachers knew how to motivate even the most tired students to try something new.  They differentiated their classes for all levels in an exceptional way while maintaining a safe environment.  Before and after pole classes, Raphaella rescued our sore muscles and stressed minds with her nurturing approach yoga. A much needed stretch and meditation! Additionally, activities to see Barcelona were mixed into the schedule and provided downtime (and Sangria).  Teachers always made themselves available and were approachable throughout the retreat.  It went beyond my expectations. I will forever be appreciative for my time spent at the retreat. 

Name: Denise
Profession: Pole Instructor for Pole Fit Belgrade, Serbia, and School Psychologist


"Raphaella thank you so much for your yoga classes during the Barcelona pole retreat. They were so restorative I don't know how I would have survived such an intense week of training without them. Everyday I would wake up for the yoga classes. I would stumble into class feeling as if I could barely move and somehow by the end of the class due to your awesome partner stretches and breathing exercises, among other things, I would feel renewed and ready for another day of training. If it wasn't for yoga during the week, I think my body would have just broken into a million pieces. Also one the best moments was yoga in the park. So relaxing! Once again thank you so much, cant wait for next year!"

Miriam Merson, Student 


I participated in the Pole dance and Yoga retreat in Barcelona this summer ( 2012). It was the perfect combination  of  a cool and a relaxing workout for your body and soul together with hard working muscle classes. Since pole dance requires a lot of flexibility it was great to prepare the body for that with a yoga session before the pole class. Some sessions were held out in the park which was lovely


The retreat was awesome! Great yoga with a great teacher! Shimmy was perfect as guest-trainer and the Pole Teachers were easygoing and fun! The activities were very good, the boat trip in particular. And extra plus for the hostel to be so close to the studio!   

Emma Post man (woman),Sweden