Yoga Ishta Style - Barcelona, Spain

Retreat Instructors

* This page lists the teachers past and present that teach on our retreats 


BIO- Vee Niz

Vee Niz insists that pole is the most amazing workout because its effects are experienced mind, body, and soul. She will be teaching "THE ART OF SEDUCTION" workshops during the retreat.  This class focuses on the art of sensuality with movement on and around pole. They include a sexy warm-up and erotic across-the-floor exercises. All levels will learn something new in this class 


Vee Niz says that this ART form gives women permission to "be" and that is why she loves teaching and believes that "every" woman is powerful and amazing, they just need to experience the pole to truly BELIEVE it and unleash their inner GODDESS! Vee Niz has also utilized her Pole Dancing skills and experience as a principle dancer in multiple shows and venues including 'Catalyst' and 'Once upon a Pole', two of Kelly Maglias productions. 

After graduating from Palmdale High School in 1996, Vee Niz was emancipated from foster care and rapidly found herself in a state of destitution. Quickly responding to her circumstances, she discovered an opportunity with the US Air Force that developed into an eight year commitment to her country as a combat photographer. Those eight years were incredibly fruitful. Vee Niz accomplished what most people would not be able to do with twice the time. The main bulk of her energy was directed towards bettering the lives of transitional foster care youth. As a motivational speaker requested by a multitude of organizations, such as the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, Child Welfare League of America and America Works a nonprofit organization, Vee Niz has raised over half a million dollars specifically for youth who were not too dissimilar from what she once was. She has spoken with numerous political figures; large corporations, and celebrities on the issue she feels is especially underrepresented in today’s society and continues to fight for the welfare of foster care youth. A current project includes re-branding the image of foster care through media awareness with Grammy award winner Kashif and New York Times Bestselling author Antwone Fisher. 


Within the same time period Vee Niz was furthering her passion and cause in a different way. Carrying with her the platform “The successful transition of foster youth” at age 21, she began competing in and winning high profile beauty pageants. Her titles include Miss High Desert 2000, Miss Central California 2001, Miss Los Angeles County 2002, Miss Black California 2003, and Miss Black United States 2004. Vee Niz has also won the Miss America Interview and Community Service Award, was chosen as one of Glamour magazine’s “Top Ten College Women in America”, and was a feature dancer on one of television’s longest running shows, “Soul Train.” 

Her main speciality is to teach women how to connect with their breath which connects you to your true self through a guided slow moving meditation in a safe environment. Using everything from Blindfolds to Mirrors, Vee Niz will take women on a exploration journey of themselves thru erotic journey of self discovery. Pole will be added into the movement at the right time, this workshop would gradually grow during the retreat, similar to a curriculum. All women start at the same level, level one. A journey done individually but also in a group setting. Vee Niz is also a skilled Pole Instructor teaches Beginner and Advanced students at Choreography House in LA. She will return to teach in Barcelona for her 3rd Pole Camp in 2016.

Youtube: June 2012, Dedication to Breast Cancer "Woman's Work"
Youtube:Endangered Species
Youtube: “Masters of the Universe“



BIO- Marlo Fisken

Marlo, the 2010 American Pole Fitness Champion, and 2011 Aerial Pole International Champion, has 23 years of dance training, and is a Wilhelmina Fitness model. We are thrilled to host her as a special guest teacher in the upcoming Pole & Yoga Retreat in Barcelona. It will be her first time teaching in Spain and she’ll share Flow Movement® classes and signature Pole workshops. Marlo joins our 2016 camp.

Her credits include commercials for Nike, L’oreal, and Sobe Adrenaline Rush. She has performed with artists such as Diddy, Nelly, Pharell, Kid Rock, Wyclef Jean and Fabulous on MTV and VH1. For the past 10 years, Marlo has been leading group exercise classes for major health clubs and presenting at fitness conventions such as IDEA, The South Beach International Festival, and Festival de Fitness in Rome. She is certified many times over (ACE, AFAA, AAAI, NSCA, KANE), is a graduate of Leslie Kaminoff's Anatomy of Yoga advanced study course and has extensive knowledge of alignment, strength and flexibility training. Marlo started pole dancing about five years ago out of curiosity, and developed a style that draws from contemporary dance, yoga, hip-hop, dancehall, and acrobatics. Her pole skills have taken her around the world, and landed her a full page spread in The New York Times, appearances on America’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, choreographed by Mia Michaels.

When she is not performing or teaching internationally, Marlo trains and lives in New York City. She teaches at Body & Pole, contributes to Self, Vertical, and Fitness magazines and is Founder and Master Trainer for the elevated. Marlo is the creator of the innovative dance and fitness brand, Flow Movement®  Teacher Training program.





BIO- Magnus Labbe

Magnus Labbe will be a guest instructor in Barcelona in 2018. From Denmark, he currently travels, teaches and performs around the world to share his passion for pole dance.

He has 10 years of dance experience and is trained in Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. He has been teaching dance since 2008, but he fell in love with Pole 5 years ago. The new way of dancing in the air and combining dance and aerial arts was fascinating and Magnus had to explore this new way of dancing.

His unique style has made him a respectable and world known Pole Dancer in the Pole community, where he have been a judge at Pole Art France, Pole Theatre Sweden and Pole Dance Competition Denmark.

Magnus Labbe was a finalist in the TV-show Denmark Got Talent and the current U.S. Aerial Champion.

In his spare time he loves long walks and exploring the earth's wonders. 


- 2016 U.S. Aerial Championships 1st Place
- 2015 Pole Classic at Pole Expo 3rd place
- 2014 Male winner of Pole Art Cyprus
- 2014 Pole Art Winner of Pole Theatre Paris
- 2014 Winner of Copenhagen Pole Competition
- 2013 Danish Champion



BIO- Crystal Gibson

Crystal is a mother, wife, a pole instructor from Los Angeles, CA.

Most known for teaching at The Choreography House & S Factor. Crystal has taught pole artistry workshops worldwide, and in countless online videos with Cleo’s Rock-N-Pole as an online instructor. Since 2010 Crystal has been a Principal Dancer in the very popular Girl Next Door: A Pole Dance Soiree & SEVEN, a Kelly Yvonne Production. Recently Crystal has made it into “The Academy of Villains: as a pole dance performer under the wings of the world famous “Pharside and Phoenix” (from SYTYCD).

Crystal says her biggest pole accomplishments have been in a group setting, while performing for Leigh Ann Reilly’s ‘Pole Show LA” in both L.A. and Las Vegas.
Crystal was preselected into the Pro Division at the California Pole Dance Championships in 2013-2015 always ranking Top 5 and taking home the Miss Congeniality award in 2013. She placed 2nd in the 2013 Pacific Pole Championships.

In May 2015 Crystal was nominated for The Representing Award by Pole World News as The Pole and Aerial Community’s Most Positive Role Model.

Crystal got her start in the administration side of the pole world as the founder of Poles on Tour, and International Pole Touring Company. Which lead to her wanting to know more about the industry.

Crystal signed up for an intensive training course with the IPSF and became a certified judge for the International Pole Sports Federation and has sat on the panel of some of the most high profile pole competitions in the world, including the International Pole Championships (IPC), Pole Theatre UK, All-Stars Australia, Paragon USA, Pacific Pole Championship, IPAAT and Capital of Texas Aerial Championships (CoTAC).






BIO- Jakub Kolasa

Jakub is a Pole Dance artist, Pole Sports athlete and contortion enthusiast.  Before starting Pole in 2012 at the age of 20, he spent 6 years training in Latin Ballroom and 3 years in Contemporary dance, which has helped to influence his unique, eye-catching style.

After just 6 months of training he entered his first competition, the Polish Championships 2013, and placed First. Since then he has gone on to enter numerous other competitions including the IPSF World Pole Sport Championships in 2014, and has taken titles such as the European Pole Art Champion 2015.

In 2016 Jakub was invited, by Felix Cane herself, to compete in Australia at the Felix Cane Pole Championships! The competition involved 20 of the top pole performers from around the globe. His performance at the competition earned him Runner Up. Considering that Jakub has only been competing for around 3 years, he has gained an impressive competition record, taking First Place in three national competitions and one European competition. In 2014 he was a competitor in the IPSF World Pole Sports Championships and placed in a very respectable Fourth Place. 
We are thrilled to include Jakub as our guest instructor for the 2017 camp.

Jakub's titles include:

Polish Pole Dance Championships 2013 - Skaryszew, Poland (1st)
Hungarian Pole Sport Open 2014 - Budapest, Hungary (1st)
World Pole Sports Championships 2014 - London, England (4th)
European Pole Show Art Championships 2015 - Zagreb, Croatia (1st)
Polish Pole Sport Championships 2015 - Bydgoszcz, Poland (1st)
Felix Cane Pole Championships 2016 - Perth, Australia (2nd)