Yoga Ishta Style - Barcelona, Spain

Testimonials and Appreciation

The pregnancy Yoga for Couples Workshop offers a place to think over pregnancy and birth while practicing emotional and physical issues that are significant to connect yourself and your partner to your baby and the miracle of life. The guide by Raphaella across the program is essential to generate an environment of trust and mutual support. A wonderful time to enjoy and deeply embrace your belly!
(Prenatal Partner Yoga & Birth Workhsop, Jan 2015)
Angel and Maria
Clinical Psychologist Sant Joan de Deu Hospital

It was really meaningful and important yoga session as I'm entering into the last few weeks of my pregancy, allowing my husband to see what I had been working on in the regular pregnancy yoga classes, and for him to know how he'll be able to help me during childbirth. Raphaella led the class with her knowledge and amazing empathy and we came away feeling a little more prepared for what's ahead! 
(Prenatal Partner Yoga & Birth Workhsop, Jan 2015)
Jordi & Lucy Clapés

Pharmacist & Export Manager


The pregnancy yoga classes that I have attended with Raphaella have been one of the highlights of my week while being pregnant with my second child. Although the yoga has benefitted my body in different ways as my pregnancy has progressed, I have felt consistently more toned, flexible and invigorated after the classes. Besides the physical benefits of the classes, I have also enjoyed the 'time out' and 'baby bonding' tremendously. These classes have made me realise how much I need to incorporate yoga into my life when it returns to normal!
Jessica Cairns
Mother, Barcelona

"Taking prenatal yoga classes with Raphaella, I believe is one of the best things I did for myself and my baby during my pregnancy. It helped me adjust to my changing body, and left me feeling more energetic and balanced after every class. I felt my body strengthen and prepare for birth in a very gentle way. I will certainly be coming back for "mummy and me" classes to enjoy the calm and friendly atmosphere"
Marie-Louise Fernandez Hilligsoe
Student, Barcelona

"Whilst pregnant I suffered with gestational hypertension. Then I started practising Yoga Ishta Style with Raphaella. As a result my blood pressure came down significantly, I felt more relaxed and was physically and emotionally stronger for the remainder of my pregnancy, the birth and the period post partum. Considering it was my first pregnancy I also had a significantly shorter active labour and period of pushing than would normally be expected and did not need an episotomy or much repair work, most likely as a result of the yoga preparing my body for the birth. I could not recommend it more! Go for it!"
Denise Hopgood

Doing outdoor yoga in nature is a unique and wonderful experience. Combined with the calming voice and Raphaella's friendly approach it really is fantastic. Anyone looking to connect with nature and to disconnect from the stresses of urban life will be better off from taking a class with Raphaella.
Kristin Eberl,

I'll miss your yoga classes - I really enjoyed them
Helen Lou

Your classes were wonderful, a good mixture of dynamic yoga and more meditative, relaxing poses/breathing. Hope you come back one day. I will miss your Friday classes.
Sandra Alison,

Raphaella, thanks for all the great classes, and a special thank you for helping so much with my post-op foot! It made a real difference.
Judith Cann

Marc and I just wanted to say thanks for a really enjoyable yoga class on Tuesday night. We enjoyed meeting you and thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of outdoor yoga in the park. It was wonderful and your meditation was especially memorable. Best wishes for your future.

Wendy & Marc